Must-Haves for the Fashionable Fall/Winter 2012 Wardrobe!

A trend that's continued from Fall 2011, continues to stride through Fall/Winter 2012, with full fledged fur coats, both faux and real, popping up all over the runways.

So what should one do to march into Winter with your most fashionable foot forward?

Adding a jacket that has little accents or are full fur, are a must-have for Fall/Winter 2012. But if you want to stay away from the PETA protestors, grab a faux jacket, that's sure to add a hint of luxe without breaking the bank.


Fur accents make a luxurious statement that lift even drab black, turning heads.


This Fall, put away your basic blue and black jeans, and head for color! Rich blues, with brightly colored tops, as seen on the Fall/Winter 2012 runways are a great way to make a statement.

Add gold booties, and you have the look down to perfection!


From gold booties to a full fledged swing coat and dress, gold is everywhere this upcoming season.

Karl Lagerfeld added gold touches to his evening shoes, front and back, for a regal touch to his classic footwear.


The look below is best worn at night, to a fabulous cocktail party or dinner. It's a true head turner, for both cut and fabric.


Winter Whites do make come-backs, although white is usually reserved for summer. So this winter wear it fabulously with richly textured fabrics and elegant, tailored cuts.


From colors to coats, to shoes, lets take  quick look at the bags that are the hot trend for Fall 2012.


This Fall, bags take on a more functional look, large and practical, to carry laptops, gym shoes and make up, for the busy woman-on-the-go, without sacrificing style.

Samira Nanda,

Miami Swim 2013 Part 2!

 Beach resorts are perfect for flaunting cute summer cover ups and dresses. BCBC Max Azria has created some gorgeous little jackets to throw on over a bathing suit, perfect for sauntering over to the bar at the pool side, and having a lovely cocktail. Azria's colors are pastels and the cut is structured.


White is a fabulous alternative, and goes well with printed suits, like the cute little two piece below in florals.


 Dresses like this flowy, mural type beach cover up, could cause quite a sensation by the pool. Wear with caution. It certainly stood out for Summer of 2013!


And below, swimwear takes a trip through the jungles of Africa, with flirty little accents thrown in for a very appealing effect. I also love the sarong, a great addition to a sea side lunch.


 Whatever your beach cover up style, whether practical and strong, flirty, or downright sexy, Summer of 2013 is shaping up beautifully


Samira Nanda,



Miami Swim 2013!

Summer 2012's in full swing, and Miami's runways are already  heating up with the swimwear styles for 2013.

Here's a look at some of the sizzling suits one can expect to see on the beaches of Ibiza, St. Barths and St. Tropez next summer.

From the runways of BCBG Max Azria comes this flirty, lacy, yet boyish two piece that could easily be worn for a walk around town as well as by the pool side.



Azria experiments with colors like the lovely lime green  one piece that's jazzed up with tassles and appropriately placed cut outs, making for a very appealing look.


And finally, a one piece that would give the girl from Ipanema a run for her money, in beautiful black crochet that just gives off the 'siren by the sea' appeal.


Stay tuned for more highlights from Miami Swim 2013, including our take on what to pack for a beach getaway vacay!


Samira Nanda,

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